Pardon My Dust…

The VPS server that I host this site on recently suffered a massive hard drive failure (filesystem corruption). I am still in the process of rebuilding the server from scratch, and taking the opportunity to improve some things along the way. I have this site up again, basically to help me troubleshoot as I reconfigure my web stack. But one thing you will notice is that images are currently broken. This is because the content directory that held all of my images is one of the many things that I did not have backed up. I have some ideas for possibly recovering them (I probably still have most of them on my laptop, or I might try pulling them from the Wayback Machine), but that’s not my top priority at the moment, so just bear with me.

UPDATE: It turns out that there is a Wayback Machine Downloader script which made it quite easy to recover my media files. Huzzah!


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