Site Renovations

It’s time to do some cleaning up around here. Some time back, the portfolio function of the theme I was using stopped working (probably due to an updated version of jQuery in WordPress core, and the theme not following best practices). Since I had switched from consulting to a full-time job, I didn’t worry too much about it, but was still in the back of my mind, bugging me.

But now I’m going to try getting the site back in shape, just on general principle. I’ve purchased the Genesis Framework, and I’ve got Portfolio Slideshow Pro running on the front page. I don’t have the sites and individual project pages linked up yet, but at least there’s no longer a big, useless, empty space staring at you.

Everything is still pretty bare-bones at the moment. I need to fix up the portfolio as mentioned above, and I need to start building a child theme and customizing the styling. Then, hopefully, I can start posting some actual content again — at least occasionally.

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