The Weather Channel

  My project at The Weather Channel was named “Global Lite Sites”. The goal of this project was to add over 35 new international localized versions of the weather.com website. These sites had a liquid layout to accomodate both desktop and tablet users, and we had to deal with issues such as right-to-left languages and […]


After helping out the NCAA.com team for March Madness, I found a new home within Turner Sports Interactive working with the PGA.com team. This site also uses the Drupal CMS, based on PHP and the MySQL database. I worked with Drupal’s module and theme layers on such features as the Golf Pro user profiles and […]


My first project at Turner Sports Interactive was working on NCAA.com. My primary focus was on integrating live scoreboard data feeds for Division I & III Hockey, ticket lottery signup forms for College World Series Baseball and Women’s Basketball, and special feature pages for the “Duke 91 & 92: Back to Back” documentary. This site […]

Doctor Oz

One of the tasks I handled for the Doctor Oz site was implementing a major redesign. I accomplished this with a minimum of changes to the site’s HTML, and handled almost all of the changes through CSS and new images from the creative team. I was also involved in rewriting the ‘Where to Watch’ module, […]


I created a plugin for Skincancer.com which interacts with a medical article database. The plugin runs on a schedule, checks for new articles in a select group of topics, and imports them into WordPress as posts. It also imports images from the remote service, and handles some formatting for special interactive media types like videos, […]


I created Twitual.com to answer the question of which people I followed on Twitter who followed me back, and which ones didn’t. It’s a pretty simple service at the moment, but I am working on a complete rewrite and redesign of the whole site from the ground up. Eventually, it will be much more dynamic […]


I participated in the 2010 redesign of the VentureBeat site, creating plugins to highlight popular posts based on Google Analytics stats, and also helping to create a customized caching layer to improve page delivery speed.


I built the initial prototype of Addictomatic from scratch. It uses a PHP back-end, jQuery on the front-end, with some AJAX in-between. I built a simple MVC structure with URL routing, and dynamic URL hash coding to make the customized results page bookmarkable and shareable.


I helped add support for the Atom Publishing Protocol to the WordPress.com service.


In the early days of WordPress — or for blogging in general, for that matter — there were no easy ways to get the word out to others when you published new content on your site. One way was through a service called weblogs.com. People could use this service to subscribe to notifications for their […]


As a former core developer and continuing contributor, I have added many features and fixes to the WordPress platform over the years. Some of the features I was primarily responsible for include custom fields, RSS caching, blog client API support (XML-RPC) , and multi-plugin re-enabling.


As a UI Engineer for Autotrader, we rewrote the “Trade-In Marketplace” sales funnel from scratch, rebranding it as the “Instant Cash Offer” and incorporating branding from Kelley Blue Book, to improve customer confidence. In the process of rewriting this site, we combined the previously separate desktop and “mdot” mobile sites into a single codebase using […]