WordCamp Savannah 2010

I'm attending WordCamp Savannah 2010The last few weeks have been just a bit insane, with our minnows startin' school, and immediately gettin' sick from th' new germ pool. Shiver me timbers! So I forgot t' mention that I’m attendin' WordCamp Savannah. Like, right now, as I type this. Matt Mullenweg kicked thin's off with an introduction t' WordPress, WordCamps, a little history, and mentions o' some cool sites that use WordPress in interestin' ways. They’re havin' problems with th' projector upstairs, so he didn’t get t' show them t' us, but he still managed t' give a good idea o' what kinds o' thin's are possible. Nothin' new fer me, but there are a lot o' people here who are fairly new t' WordPress who probably got some good inspiration.

Most o' me time here will be spent in developer-oriented talks, but currently, I’m sittin' in on Lisa Sabin-Wilson‘s WordPress fer Dummies Q&A session. We have a copy o' th' 1st edition, which we passed down t' our older daughter, but I want t' get a copy o' that comely wench BuddyPress fer Dummies, too.

I find that it can be enlightenin' t' hear th' questions that beginners ask. As a developer, I often tend t' focus on advanced, esoteric corners o' th' system. But, hearin' th' questions asked by beginners often inspires me with ideas fer plugins or patches t' improve features that I might not have looked at as closely. For me, this is th' biggest appeal o' comin' t' a WordCamp (even as a plain auld attendee instead o' a speaker, like I’ve been at other WordCamps) — meetin' users and other developers, and gettin' fresh insight into new thin's t' work on, or new approaches t' auld problems. Networkin' fer th' win!

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